Saturday, January 30, 2016

Cleaning, Talking, and Hippos

On Friday we cleaned the floor in the medical ward. It was a little different than the typical floor cleaning. Step one was to send all of the patients and their things outside. Most of them walked, but a couple of them were carried by their families. We rolled up our scrub pants and basically threw soapy water on the floor, and scrubbed it with squeegees. At first it kind of felt like playing in the mud. Especially because I kept splashing myself (don't worry; there was bleach in the water as well, so all of the microbes were dead). When we were done, we swept the water out through a little drain hole in the wall, or out through the open door. The second time we went over it the water was much cleaner, so I guess it's a more effective cleaning method than I thought. Which is cool, because it was much more exciting than mopping a floor the way that I'm used to doing it. Although I wouldn't want the floor in my house to get as dirty as that floor was; cleanliness is more important than level of excitement to clean.

A few days ago I was talking with a friend here, and she told me I speak lots of French. I don't; but that made me feel good. The feeling good lasted until we started talking about Nangéré, the primary local language here, and I told her that I want to learn to speak it. She started asking me if I knew various basic words in Nangéré. She was very impressed when I knew all (4) of the words that she asked me. And she went on to tell me that I speak lots of Nangéré. Ok, so maybe we have different ideas of what "a lot" means....

This weekend we took a trip to the "hippo river." We don't have TV here, so we have to find naturally occurring entertainment. Hippo watching turned to be a good choice. Some of them got out of the water on the other side of the river, and then they started to come towards us. It was really cool. We left before they got close enough to bite us.

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