Monday, December 7, 2015

Paper boats, jelly beans, and stethoscopes

So many things happen everyday that are different from what I'm accustomed to, that I really don't know which things to write about. 

I like to think I might be starting to get used to the work at the hospital. It's very different than hospitals in the US. Some things I really like. Other things confuse me. And a few things really bother me. One of the things that I really like is the scale they use to weigh the babies after they're born. Random, I know. It's a hanging scale, and a wash basin is attached to it with little ropes. It's just really cute somehow to weigh babies in a bucket. Another thing that I really like is using cotton balls dipped in alcohol rather than alcohol swabs. It just makes sense. And there are no annoying little packages to worry about. One thing that confuses me is the way they give shots. It's a little different somehow. 

Those are all very insignificant things; the things that really bother me tend to be a lot more significant. Foremost is the number of patients that die. Or maybe more specifically, the reasons patients die. For that matter, the reasons that patients come in to the hospital in the first place. There was recently a woman admitted because her husband beat her up. I know that happens in the US also, but there is no social worker here with resources and help. But going back to the reason patients die, a baby was born not long ago with a severe cleft palate. Because of this, the baby couldn't suck. And treatment options were basically non existent. So the baby died. That bothers me. Babies aren't supposed to die.

It seems like everywhere I look, there are kids. The family that I live with has five, plus a few extras living here. Anyway, I have been trying to devise ways of spending time with and playing with them that doesn't involve much talking. Last week I made my family's kids yarn dolls. I thought I would just make them for the little girls, but as it turned out they all wanted them! It was fun. Thus week I decided I need to start learning origami. Yesterday we made paper boats. That was fun. What do you like to do with paper? Or yarn? I would love some more ideas! :)

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