Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I'm home

Yesterday morning we went to immigration and got my passport stamped, and then took the bus to Kelo. David and Sarah, some other missionaries here, picked us up in Kelo. On the way to Béré we saw a super gorgeous sunset, and also a hippo! 

When we got to Béré, I met my family. They live just around the corner from the entrance to the hospital, which is quite convenient. Their house is nice. It is cement, with a metal roof. My room, which is part of the house, but accessible only from the outside, is probably 10 or 12 feet square. It's quite nice. There is a nice window also. It's currently a mess, as I haven't finished organizing yet. I'm pretty sure I brought twice as much stuff as I need....

This morning I went with Zach to the nutrition clinic. Mothers come with their babies to be weighed and measured (the babies, not the mothers), and they are given formula if the baby still needs it. It was very interesting. Some of the babies are sooo skinny. 

After the nutrition clinic, we went into town to the police and the medical directors office (or something like that). 

Tomorrow I have orientation at the hospital. Oh boy!

Also, I want to buy a baby goat. They are unbelievably cute. 


  1. Wow. This is real. You really are in Bere. And you really are doing this!

    Also, I love that last line about the baby goat! Get me one, too. Ok?

  2. Oh, Sarah. . Your post title scared me; I thought you might have ended up back in the States for some reason, given all the past hindrances! But it sounds like you're settling into your new "home'! I'm so glad to hear that!
    Continuing to keep you in prayer!