Monday, October 26, 2015

Plan G

Or something like that. It could just as easily be plan E or H... I don't remember. Anyway, the good news is that as of now I have a plan. One that looks fairly promising, in fact.

After waiting to hear whether or not I could go to Chad after all, I finally found out recently that I can't. (Fortunately though, most of the missionaries that were there and had to leave are now returning). I mentioned in a previous post that going to Chad was pretty much my favorite dream. Honestly, it still is. Picking a favorite dream isn't as easy as I thought it might be.

Having said that, I am excited about the other prospects available. And I think that by the time I actually get tot the other side of the world, I'll be crazy excited no matter whether it's my favorite destination or my least favorite. Anyway, plans are currently in the works for Buea Adventist Hospital in Cameroon.

Buea is a small hospital in southern Cameroon, somewhere near both the coast and mount Cameroon. It sounds pretty incredible and gorgeous.

If plans progress at the rate I want them to, I'll be leaving sometime around the middle of November. So here's hoping that this plan will hold out at least until I get to Africa.... :)

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